AAHHE Outstanding Support of Hispanic Issues Award

The AAHHE Outstanding Support Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and support of AAHHE’s mission. This individual need not be an educator but one who has made significant contributions to higher education as a community leader, civic leader, elected or appointed official, etc.


2021 AAHHE Outstanding Support of Hispanic Issues Award Recipient

Ester Elena Mulnix, PhD
Journal of Hispanic Higher Education


Ester Elena Mulnix, PhD is a consultant for national and international institutions and government organizations regarding multicultural communication. For 18 years, she has been the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. Mulnix is also a social sciences professor at the American University of Iraq, Baghdad.

She was born and raised in Monterrey, NL, México. Mulnix grew up with her mother, grandmother, and four siblings and was 16 years old when she began working full time to contribute to the family. Her mother, grandmother, and oldest sister were sources of inspiration and motivation to achieve. She received merit scholarships for her college and graduate degrees. She has a bachelor's in science (Universidad Regiomontana), a degree in psychology (Universidad de Monterrey) and a master’s in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the (Instituto de Psychoterapia, México). Mulnix has a PhD in counselor education and supervision, with a minor in psychology, and an emphasis in multiculturalism from Syracuse University. Read more...

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