Marlén Ríos-Hernández, PhD

Assistant Professor
Chicana/o Studies
California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Marlén Ríos-Hernández is an Assistant Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies at California State University, Fullerton and a former UCLA UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. Trained in Ethnic Studies and Musicology, her research investigates the genealogies between policing and SoCal punk communities as told by queer Black, Chicana, Latina punk women and femmes in the aftermath of the counterintelligence programs (COINTELPRO). She is a founding member of PunkCon–– a biannual conference celebrating punk scholars, activists, artists, musicians, and communities.

Research interests: Chicanx Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Film, Critical Ethnographies, Sound Studies, Hemispheric Punk Movements and Policing “Post”-COINTELPRO, Feminist Musicology, Punk Pedagogy and Archival Research Methods.