Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is in charge of:

  • Leadership Programs – graduate, fellows, administrators
  • Publications – Commissioned Scholarly Treatises, Blogs, Newsletter
  • Awards – Books, Dissertations Competition, Annual Recognition
  • Professional Development – Webinars, Academic Research Briefs, Institutes

The Programs Committees is composed of two sub-committees:
   1. The Annual Conference Planning sub-committee identifies the conference theme and speakers, selects conference presentations and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.
   2. The Regional Conference Planning sub-committee identifies topics and speakers, organizes and schedules the conference and collaborates with AMC Source to execute the conference.

Professional Development Committee Members

Luis Ponjuán, PhD

Associate Professor
Educational Administration and Policy
Texas A&M University


Graduate Student Fellowship Program

Aurora Kamimura, PhD, GSFP Liaison
Dominga Sanchez, Co-chair
Luz Paz Burgos, Co-chair

Faculty Fellowship Program

Gloria Martinez, PhD, FFP Liaison
Sarah Rodriguez, PhD
Ignacio Hernandez, PhD
Erin Doran, PhD
Hugo Garcia, PhD

Outstanding Dissertation Competition

David Garcia, Chair
Maria Oropeza-Fujimoto, Chair-elect

New Leadership Academy

Edith Fernandez, PhD, Chair

Training and Development  - Webinars, Institutes

Luis Ponjuán, Chair Liaison
Cristina Alcalde, PhD

Annual Conference Planning Committee Members

Audrey Baca, EdD, Co-chair
Antonio Duran, PhD, Co-chair-elect

Publications Committee Members

Marissa Vasquez, EdD
Magdalena Martinez, PhD 
Neda Ramirez, EdD
Amanda Corona, EdD

Awards Committee Members

Edna Acosta-Belén, Chair


Revised September 12, 2023